The Mixer-Extruder for the production of dry yeast noodles is available for outputs of up to 6 t/h. Designed based on our experience of more than 40 years of manufacturing Extruders for Baker’s yeast, it has become a new standard in dry yeast production Plants, due to its sturdy design, easy maintenance and fast cleaning.

Pioneers in its development, it is capable of mixing emulsifiers in its own hopper, obtaining a homogeneous dispersion, without needing previous mixers. In this way, the plasticity and temperature of the yeast is reduced, helping to obtain noodles of a more homogeneous size after drying.

Sturdy and easy to clean, it runs on a 24/7 basis with minimum maintenance. It can be fitted with an automatic CIP system.

Easy-to-replace flat extrusion screen and extrusion head made of a food grade material.

The Extruders are manufactured and assembled in our Workshops, thus being able to fully control the highest quality standards to provide the best finishes and the highest functionality of the equipment.