PROCONOR’s Rotary Filters are the worldwide benchmark for quality in the filtration of Baker’s yeast. Since 1969, more than 320 Rotary Filters have been manufactured, with units that exceed 400,000 hours of operation in baker’s yeast Plants all over the world.

Standarized sizes of 4 m2, 6 m2, 9 m2, 12 m2, 15 m2 and 18 m2.

Hygienic design, completely made of stainless steel and easy to clean. Extremely sturdy and easy to maintain. All mechanisms and drives are fully accessible.

Specially designed knife and scraper fastening system to avoid disassembly during the cleaning process.

The Rotary Filters are manufactured and assembled in our Workshops, thus being able to fully control the highest quality standards in order to provide the best finishes and the highest functionality of the equipment.

Equipped with the latest automation systems, the Proconor Rotary Filter stops and resumes production fully automatically, controlling the operation of the different elements of the Rotary Filter to keep the precoat in perfect condition.

Minimal starch consumption thanks to micrometric knife feed with the possibility to select the automatic knife feed speed depending on the filterability of the yeast cream.

Control of the cream level in the Rotary Filter trough through a pressure probe, in order to adapt the production of the Rotary Filter to the requirements of the system.