PROCONOR’s Packaging Line for yeast cubes is available for formats from 25 g to 200 g.  Designed from scratch from our experience gathered during more than 40 years of development in the extrusion, cutting and wrapping of Baker’s yeast, it has been a milestone in yeast packaging rooms. From an almost handmade production of yeast cubes, using machinery for butter production, to a totally industrial production, with almost no operator intervention, reaching unimaginable productions and productivities. The cleaning of the Packaging Line is quick and easy.

Sturdy and easy to operate, it runs on a 24/7 basis with minimum maintenance. Our Packaging Lines allow to produce continuously the best yeast quality, under constant conditions and with high production capacities.

With a nominal production of up to 300 yeast cubes per minute of 28% to 34% dry matter. Different types of wrapping paper such as wax paper, aluminium foil, BOPP film and cellophane film can be used. A saving of up to 25% on wrapping paper is achieved.

The Packing Line works in coordination with the PROCONOR Rotary Filter. Full control of the Filtration system can be carried out from the Packing Line, and the operation parameters are automatically adjusted to obtain the best yeast characteristics. From the Packaging Line’s own HMI, the Rotary Filter can be observed in real time.

The Extruder is equipped with a mixing system of adjustable intensity, in order to easily and comfortably control the colour, plasticity and friability of the yeast.

The Cutter performs precise cutting length detection by means of an encoder.

The Wrapper can be equipped with optional equipment, such as integrated Checkweigher with rejection equipment with automatic weight control of the yeast cube, automatic paper splicer so as not to stop production when changing paper rolls, wrapping control system and date of expiry, etc.

The Packaging Lines are manufactured and assembled in our Workshops, thus being able to fully control the highest quality standards in order to provide the best finishes and the highest functionality of the equipment.